Cooperative Business

South-Central Minnesota Coop Lawyers

A cooperative differs significantly from a corporation or limited liability company. When your cooperative association has legal needs, you want to hire an attorney who understands those differences. You want a lawyer who knows and understands the laws governing cooperative businesses, who has experience advising others in similar circumstances.

At Berens, Rodenberg & O’Connor, Chtd., we provide sound legal advice to cooperatives throughout the Midwest. We emphasize personal service and attention, taking the time to listen carefully to your concerns, so that we can identify your options and provide you with a realistic assessment of your situation. When you retain us to assist with a cooperative business law matter, we will set up a meeting with one of our attorneys as soon as possible. We work hard to provide prompt service and sound legal advice at reasonable rates.

Our Representation of Cooperative Businesses

We offer a wide range of services to cooperative businesses, from collections to mergers, acquisitions or consolidations. We will also handle such issues as:

  • The formation of a new cooperative, including the preparation and execution of all paperwork required to set up the cooperative
  • Negotiation, review and preparation of contracts
  • Article and bylaw amendments
  • Agricultural liens and other security interests
  • Credit and collection matters
  • Equity and membership issues
  • Title insurance
  • Issues involving coop employees
  • Leasing matters or options to purchase land
  • Controversies involving land use, zoning or permits
  • The purchase or sale of real estate by cooperatives

Most of the cooperatives we represent are involved in farming operations, but we also represent other types of businesses that choose to operate as co-ops. We will advise you regarding the day-to-day legal issues that arise and can also protect your rights in litigation.

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For a meeting with an attorney who understands cooperative businesses, contact our office online or call us at 507-230-3900. Our offices are open Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m